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Fresh From Playing On The Mainstage Of Lounge on the Farm The Intermission Project Catch Up With ACTV To Perform There Song Give me Joy + Mini Review

This is The Intermission Project there original song called Give me Joy ‘ exclusively for ACTV. This is a Outside Session. The Intermission Project have recently been on the main stage of Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury.


I first listened to The Intermission Project when they entered a competition called ‘You say they play’ which is to get a slot on the main stage of Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury which they went on to win and have recently performed on the same stage as The Wombats. I got in touch with Alex Stevens on Facebook about  a possible ACTV recording… they then wanted to do a few video for ACTV so we met in Canterbury and found a nice garden (which was a struggle to find) and started to do a session – as I love there song ‘Give Me Joy’ I asked them to perform it, if it was alright with them, after they finished recording ‘give me joy’, I thought they was more amazing then I thought they was going to be, Jim (on left) and Alex (on right) have voice’s that go perfectly together and I believe if they keep on going the way they are hopefully they go far in the music industry. Alex and Jim (The Intermission Project) were a great laugh especially when we had difficulties recording the intro for one of the songs. Hopefully we hear alot more from The Intermission Project and I hope to do more music stuff with them in the Future.

Daniel Lawton

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