What ACTV and the Business in the whole is all about…

ACTV specialises in Acoustic Acts “Putting Acoustic Acts on the Map” but making Acoustic contemporary at the same time. ACTV is a root of from Acousticka Music which is part of Isle Harbour Entertainment. The first video ACTV uploaded was on November the 9th and since then ACTV has come far as you can see by the Achievements that have been achieved in a matter of about 4 to 5 months.

This website/blog is to let you keep up to date of what is happening with ACTV. It will let you be the first to know when ACTV have uploaded a new video and you will be the first to know about any related news. The website also bring you The ACTV Top 10 Acoustic Chart which determines ACTV’s favorite Acoustic artists out at the moment and you never you know it might help you find a artist you haven’t heard of before!


ACTV has been blogged about by Jamal Edwards from SBTV. The channel has had its time on AOL Music News and supported by Local MP Gordon Henderson in Kent News article. Rest In Peace “Taihg” Daniel Lloyd – Guiding Stars @ACTV got to 2nd most popular music video on Youtube only to be beaten by Lil Wayne. The video was also on Sky News. The first song to be released though Acousticka Records (which is part of Acousticka Music with ACTV) got to number 8 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and peaked at 94 in the overall iTunes chart. The channel has now received over 100,000 video views and has had global recognition, The next target is to get 1,000,000 video views!

About the creator of Isle Harbour Entertainment…

My name is Daniel Lawton and I am 17 years old. This channel is to promote acoustic artists and acoustic music as a whole. I am an individual doing this channel and my jobs are camera man, editor, music producer, I master tracks, a guitarist, I am a music maker and I have control over the whole entertainment business. I have a huge passion for acoustic music and thats why I have created ACTV (Acousticka TV). Any Video Enquires or questions I will be happy to hear from you… Email me at actv@hotmail.co.uk.

  1. I love this and the way you have set it out WELL DONE. Will definitely be keep up with all your video and blog updates

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