Fresh From Playing On The Mainstage Of Lounge on the Farm The Intermission Project Catch Up With ACTV To Perform There Song Give me Joy + Mini Review

This is The Intermission Project there original song called Give me Joy ‘ exclusively for ACTV. This is a Outside Session. The Intermission Project have recently been on the main stage of Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury.


I first listened to The Intermission Project when they entered a competition called ‘You say they play’ which is to get a slot on the main stage of Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury which they went on to win and have recently performed on the same stage as The Wombats. I got in touch with Alex Stevens on Facebook about  a possible ACTV recording… they then wanted to do a few video for ACTV so we met in Canterbury and found a nice garden (which was a struggle to find) and started to do a session – as I love there song ‘Give Me Joy’ I asked them to perform it, if it was alright with them, after they finished recording ‘give me joy’, I thought they was more amazing then I thought they was going to be, Jim (on left) and Alex (on right) have voice’s that go perfectly together and I believe if they keep on going the way they are hopefully they go far in the music industry. Alex and Jim (The Intermission Project) were a great laugh especially when we had difficulties recording the intro for one of the songs. Hopefully we hear alot more from The Intermission Project and I hope to do more music stuff with them in the Future.

Daniel Lawton

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ACTV "Putting Acoustic Acts on the Map" part of Isle Harbour Entertainment. ACTV has been blogged by Jamal Edwards from SBTV, been on AOL Music News and supported by Local MP Gordon Henderson in Kent News article. Also Rest In Peace "Taihg" Daniel Lloyd - Guiding Stars @ACTV got to 2nd most popular music video on Youtube only to be beaten by Lil Wayne. The video was also on Sky News. The first song to be released though Acousticka Records got to number 7 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart by Taihg and peaked at 94 in the overall iTunes chart. About me... My name is Daniel Lawton and I am 17 years old. This channel is to promote acoustic artists and acoustic music as a whole. I am an individual doing this channel and my jobs are camera man, editer, music producer, I master tracks, a guitarist and I am a music maker. I have a huge passion for acoustic music and thats why I have created ACTV (Acousticka TV). Any Video Enquires Email me at

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